About Us

The Qantas Retired Staff Club Inc (QRSC) History

The Qantas Retired Staff Club was formed in the 1960’s, by people who have retired from all over Qantas.

These people go right back to the foundation of the Company, with such people as Jack Avery, the 1st apprentice (1927), Bill Bennett the 2nd (1928), Eric Kydd the 3rd (1929), George Roberts (1936) and so on to the present day.

George Roberts was one the Club’s Patron, he died in 2009, just a few months short of his 100th birthday.

Sir Hudson Fysh was probably the Club’s first Patron.
He died on 6th April 1974, aged 79.

Our members are spread throughout Australia and around the world.

There is a branch in Perth (the Gold Coast branch has closed), our total membership exceeds 650.

Each branch holds social functions during the year and at Christmas time. There is a committee to organise these functions and control the finances required to produce a Newsletter 4 times a year, with postage, membership lists, mailing etc., keeping members informed on matters relevant to retiree’s.